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[Master Class for Pro] Recipes for biological network science

7 heures 30

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The BME@UPCité graduate school is organizing two master classes for professionals on 11 May and 12 June 2023.

These 2 days are focused on Computational Systems Biology and Network Science in biology and aim to introduce these topics through practical training. 

The 2 masterclasses are independent, but you can attend both. 

They are open to PhD students, researchers and engineers in academia and industry. 

Registration is mandatory and the number of places is limited to 20. 

Pr Sophie Bernard and Pr Samuel Bottani




Do you want to develop computational models to visualize and interpret large biological data? Take this master class in network science that focuses on the study of interactive biological models. You will acquire the skills needed to develop complex networks represented by nodes and connections between biological entities. 

Audience:           Doctoral students, researchers, and engineers in academia and industry. 

Costs Master Class         500€ per DayFree for Université Paris Cité PhD students and staff

Deadline to enroll          8 June 2023



9:30Welcome and coffee

Introduction and overview

Presentation of the aim and structure of the course, expectations and backgrounds of the participants


Lecture: Introduction to Network Science

Motivation, theories, practice review


Workshop: Network topology and statistics

Introduction to the Cytoscape tool to create, visualize and analyze biological networks.

With practice on Cytoscape



on your own


Hands On: Human disease network

Learn how to extract meaningful networks from a large dataset: practice with human protein- protein interactions (PPI) data using virtual pulldowns methods.


Hands On: Clustering of networks

Finding tightly connected clusters in large networks.

17:00End of the day



Learning Objectives 

During this masterclass, you will:

  • Learn the main theory and principles of the use of graph theory in biology;
  • Become familiar with network science;
  • Gain hands-on experiences in the statistics needed to understand networks;
  • Acquire skills in creating network-based models that enable visualization, prediction and design of flow-up studies.



  • Network science, graph theory and principles;
  • Basic training in methods and tools;
  • Hands-on sessions on biological problems.

This masterclass does not require any specific preparation or prerequisites.

Notre formateur

Karine Audouze Professor of systems biology and bioinformatics Karine Audouze, Professor of systems biology and bioinformatics at Université Paris Cité in France. She is working at the Inserm Unit 1124, where she founded the SysTox group in 2018 (, that aims at developing advanced computational tools and models with a focus on toxicology to have a better understanding of the effect of the exposome on human health.

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Session : Recipes for biological network science

Lieu : Campus Saint-Germain-des-Prés

Début : 12/06/2023 09:30

Fin : 12/06/2023 17:00

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