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Negotiation for Everyone for Everywhere

15 heures

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Have you always wanted to be a better negotiator ? Are you afraid or uncomfortable with negotiating ? Do you think that negotiating is about just being hard and not making any concessions ? Are good negotiators born or made ? We will answer these questions and test all of these assumptions in this short course by doing actual negotiations with each other. In this practical course you will get feedback on how you did and how you can do better. We’ll learn about ourselves and each other along the way to becoming better negotiators

The negotiation course is based on a course given at Cornell University’s business school and currently taught at ESCP by the instructor. It is case based. Very active with role play. It is light on theory with an accent on the practical. In other words, experiential. Students are given negoatiation cases, that they actually negotiate. The cases increase in difficulty and complexity. The cases teach the basic lessons of being a good negotiator

Learn the basics of negotiation skills and move from a mind-set of confrontation/zero-sum to one of cooperation enlarging the pie.

Learn how we negotiate in business and every day life all the time, and how to become a better negotiator.

Level of English B1 or higher

This is a experiential class. The students will learn by doing, with minimum amount of lecturing. Students will be given cases that they will need to read and prepare before class. Then we will have debrief and discussion.

Notre formateur

Curtis BARTOSIK Founder and manager of a Training company, Member of the Board of Directors of the American Chamber of Commerce Graduated Cornell University in 1989, worked in Japan, Hong Kong, Washington D.C., and Silicon Valley. Moved to France in 2002. Founded and ran a training company. Lecturer at AIM Business School, and ESCP.

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Session : Negotiation for Everyone for Everywhere

Lieu : Salle 375F, Bâtiment Halle aux farines, 10 rue Françoise Dolto 75013 Paris

Début : 04/04/2023 17:00

Fin : 18/04/2023 20:00

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  • Tuesday April 4th : 17h-20h   3 hours
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