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Become an entrepreneur: small business status - constraints and tips

4 hours

Descriptif de la formation

The status of French « micro-entrepreneur » is a simplified system of the sole proprietorship. It makes it easier to start and maintain a for-profit company, using simplified tax and social procedures. This training will allow you to learn on advantages and disadvantages of this legal status.

-  How to start a micro-enterprise

- Activity categories

- CFE – Business Formalities Center to which you are attached

- Turnover and VAT rules and rates

- The ACRE plan to support the start of your activity and reduce social security contributions

- Your URSSAF contributions

- Taxes, how to declare, BIC or BNC ?

- Business property tax - CFE

- Your Health Insurance and Retirement Insurance, CPAM

- Your right to vocational training

- Bank account

- Wage portage

At the end of this training participants will learn how to start up their first business in France and become a “micro-entrepreneur”. They will also learn how to avoid administrative pitfalls and how to use advantages of this simplified tax system.

For those students who want to create a small business in the future.

In an interactive discussion, we will look at the different essential steps for opening up and effectively managing your small business,micro-enterprise. The trainer will show how to apply for the opening of micro-enterprise status, emphasizing the conditions to be met and the pitfalls to avoid.

Notre formateur

Mme Bojana MILJANIC PhD in Theater Studies and Medias Function, Founder / President – training center ORATORA

12 years of experience in theater and corporate. My professional career is complemented by a solid academic background: PhD in Arts and Media, MA and BFA in Theater. I have attended the International School of Theater Jacques Lecoq, specializing in movement and pantomime. My background is complemented by two certificates of MBA and entrepreneurship. 

Date des formations

Session : Become an entrepreneur: small business status - constraints and tips - 2nd semester

Lieu : Salle 379F, Bâtiment Halle aux farines, 10 rue Françoise Dolto 75013 Paris

Début : 06/02/2023 16:00

Fin : 06/02/2023 20:00

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Session : CANCELED // Become an entrepreneur: small business status - constraints and tips - 1st semester

Lieu : to be defined

Début : 17/10/2022 16:00

Fin : 17/10/2022 20:00

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Please note, this session is canceled